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Favourite Things: Slagheap

In this feature we're asking artists to share an insight into their world, running us through a few of their favourites things; from inspiring ephemera to their most cherished items.

Bristol quartet Slagheap are delivering DIY Punk at its finest. Their unconventional sound is a cacophony of the comedic; loud and brash, joyous and exuberant, all interspersed with catchy quips and dissonant guitars.

You can read our thoughts on their latest single Caffeine taken from their upcoming full-length here.

Our favourite track: Power Shower

Corona Clip-On Earrings

Lydia: Over lockdown I have been indulging my inner child, giving her little presents to make her smile - the stupider the better.

Mrs Whippy the Quail

Cate: My housemate keeps quails in the garden - yes, eccentric pet choice - and they are nice guys to have around. They are tame, fluffy and egg shaped creatures plus they make soothing ASMR-like sounds. My favourite one is a 'golden giant' called Mrs Whippy, who is pictured here as a wee chick. We have a soul connection: she's highly strung too and is always burrowing under the other quails so they're kind of sitting on top of her.


Sadie: These are my rollerblades which I got last year. I like to blade around the harbour-side or at the showcase cinema car park where there’s loads of space to try new tricks. Rolling is way more fun and efficient than walking and it makes me feel free!!!

Viv Albertine's Autobiography

Sadie and Cate read Viv Albertine's autobiography 'Clothes, Music, Boys' a few years ago and it was one of the main catalysts for making the band happen. It's really such an amazing blueprint for making unapologetic music as a female. We've all read it now, and the peaks and troughs of her career and life through the Slits and her solo work are still so handy for tuning into our self belief when we need it!

Messy Art & Collaging

Heidi: I’ve chosen messy art and collaging as one of our favourite things. When we can all hang out together, we often have fun crafternoon sessions at Sadie’s house, drawing, cutting, sticking and making which I love. Of course Catherine’s amazing drawing and collages have been a really central inspiration of the band as well as something we use to represent us. She designed all our artwork and did most of the animation for our latest video Caffeine. Messy fun making is really embedded in our music and who we are as individuals.

You can find Slagheap on Facebook and Instagram, and stream their music on Spotify and Bandcamp.


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