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Slagheap Embrace Raucous DIY-Punk In New Track Caffeine

That's The One: Slagheap | Bristol

Bristol quartet Slagheap are offering up another taste of the weird and wonderful in new track Caffeine.

Opening with the warbled notes of an imitated whale song, the aptly named single is filled to the brim with disjointed conversations tumbling over in an excitable amalgamation of chaotic and carefree.

The second track to be released ahead of their upcoming full-length album, Slagheap spin a rambling story of being in love with qualities you desire to embody instead of a person. As the group cry out “oh wait I just realised, it’s not about you, it’s about me”, the cacophony becomes its own joyous battle cry. Awash with fuzzy guitars and pounding drums that fuel the group's fearless confidence, Caffeine is a strangely relatable trip of self-actualisation.

While musically Slagheap may lack the melodic intricacies of their contemporaries, they aren’t trying to be a polished-pop group. Instead, they’re a testament to all that should be celebrated in DIY-punk - the warm embrace of friends having fun, all brimming with euphoria and irresistible charm.

Stream Caffeine over at Bandcamp & Spotify.


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