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Tender Central is finding peace on debut album The Garden

Tender Central | The Garden

"Everybody says your debut album is like your life's work.

It's your life up to that point."

Tender Central’s debut album feels like a snapshot of a long overdue summer.

Released now, in the heart of the winter months, The Garden carries with it both the warmth of long, mellow days, and a poignant sensitivity that often feels engagingly restless. Struck with both a natural sweetness and a potent melancholy, singer-songwriter/multi-instrumentalist India Bourne creates a sound that feels hypnotically modern in her blend of folk, pop and electronica.

Opening with Prelude, a drawn out, string-led introduction, her debut presents an artist with a penchant for the orchestral, and a striking ear for arrangement. Layered in gentle piano, resonating drums, and a crystal clear voice that is as much an instrument as the chords around her, there also sits an uncomfortable sense that something is amiss.

With a life spent on the road, touring with Ben Howard and with supergroup A Blaze of Feather, the concept of ‘home’ has become a foreign notion. As she sings on The Game, ‘the door is looking at me all I’m to do is walk through, but fingers digging in, choking on a dead end’, the 14-track record begins to reveal itself as something wholly personal, with a looming sense of entrapment. From a title as innocent as The Garden, her debut fast evolves into an up close, impassioned look into the emotions that surround a life spent on the move, seeped in anxieties, loneliness and the competition oft felt by touring artists.

Duet Ashes, a collaboration with Matthew And The Atlas, takes on a haunting side, with a restless, marching clap that at times becomes demanding, while the self-titled Tender Central feels like a powerful reclaiming of herself, and her own purpose as the refrain ‘I am Tender Central’ rings out over a thunderous beat.

As the record draws to a close with titular track The Garden, the album finds and acknowledges breathing space within nature. Filled with a sense of growth, she muses ‘this is not the end, there is beauty in this fire, passion in the rain’, and it’s a line both hopeful and self-aware, ending on the sentiment that while peace may always be there, ‘peace is hard to learn’.

The Garden is out now, listen on Spotify.

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