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Wallice Contemplates Coming Of Age With Second Single 23

That's The One: Wallice | LA

In a haze of lo-fi pop-filled tones, LA-based songwriter Wallice is yearning for the future.

Encapsulating the hopefulness of the early twenties, Wallice’s sophomore single 23 flits between daydream delusions of a brand new life just around the corner, and the nostalgic regret of years already gone.

A saccharine pop take on ennui, the 22 year old finds herself anxious for the arrival of her birthday, and a future life not yet come to pass. Convinced that growing up is the answer to a bedroom bound boredom, there's a soft charm to her mellow musings, a sugary sweet icing to layers of humming synths and wandering guitars reflective of her frustration, high-pitched and bursting at the seams.

Crooning after idyllic suburban living and the cliche fantasy of marriage, settling down and getting a dog, she recognises the comedic in this lifestyle. With a light-hearted, self-effacing approach, she pictures a future partner without a job, admits her fears of remaining a self-described 'loser', and reminisces on a carefree past armed with an old fake-ID.

With a daydreamer’s flair, and catchy, upbeat melodies abound, 23 feels like the soundtrack to a coming-of-age teen movie - fitting for a time when life feels almost unbearably on hold. As she reconsiders her life choices; dropping out of jazz school, disappointing her Dad, and questioning why she still lives with her mother, the track is a promising taste of an artist still finding her feet in the world, but undoubtedly glistening with potential.

23 is out now. Stream here.

Photo Credit: Taryn Segal


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