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SPQR Make A Frenzied Return With New Single Fault Lines

That's The One: SPQR | Liverpool

Ahead of the release of their debut album, Liverpool’s art-rockers SPQR mark their return with spluttering new single Fault Lines.

Carving a giddy path laden with frenzied chaos, the whirling energy of SPQR's new single makes for a band hard to define. Dipping into droning vocals with a catchy playfulness, the quartet cling to a post-punk drive with a pop edge as their latest track shape shifts uncontrollably. Showcasing a natural ability to traverse genres and laced with a brewing cult-esque dreamscape, there’s an undeniably enthralling edge to the group’s sound.

Songwriter-in-chief Peter Harrison explains“[Fault Lines] had been around for a long time and never felt right, but everyone knew there was something there. Nothing was happening naturally so I sat down with it and just chipped away until cracks of light began to appear! It was a different approach to how I usually make songs but arguably the end result is more rewarding. Sometimes, you gotta dig for that gold! The song is about not letting yourself be yourself because yourself is not right in your idea of what a self should be!”

With a tour alongside punk duo JOHN on the horizon, and a fleet of festival appearances looking likely, they’re a band very much worth keeping a keen eye on,

Fault Lines is out now. Listen on Bandcamp.


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