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Piano Day 2021: Thomas Ragsdale and All Partial raise money for Rosa

That's The One: Thomas Ragsdale & All Partial

Happy Piano Day! Joining forces to celebrate the 7th annual event, Thomas Ragsdale and All Partial release a double A-side to raise money for women’s charity Rosa.

A relatively new annual holiday launched in 2015 by German composer/producer Nils Frahm, Piano Day is a celebration of both the classic and contemporary on the 88th day of the year - a reference to the 88 keys of the instrument.

A collaborative effort between Thomas Ragsdale of electronic duo worriedaboutsatan, and All Partial of post-rock outfit Pijn, the two indulge in ambient minimalism on their double A-side release. Ragsdale’s Mono And Six is a haunting piece of reverb-laden echoes, somber and nostalgic in tone, while All Partial’s slow-paced The Saddest Lad flits between rising synths and the faintly whispered voice of poet Melissa Hair.

Donating all proceeds to grant-making charity Rosa, the money raised will go towards funding grassroots women’s organisations working to make the UK a fairer, safer place for women and girls.

Listen to both tracks & donate to the cause here:


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