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We Recommend | Don’t Worry - Crushing Weight

That's The One: Don't Worry | Essex

Having a crush can feel heavy. Being in love? Quite possibly worse.

Exploring the overwhelming nature of existing in love, Essex’s Don’t Worry are having an existential crisis on new track Crushing Weight. With an intoxicating medley of jangling guitar hooks and on the nose lyricism, the indie quartet are sincerely veering into pop territory and it’s as refreshing as it is brutally honest.

Venturing down a darker path than most love songs dare to take, the new single is a bold step from a group scrambling to dissect a kaleidoscope of confused feelings. Exploring the heaviness of love, their stream of consciousness narrative takes root in the uncomfortable truth that adoration can leave a sense of helplessness in its wake. Viewing love as an unstoppable, all consuming force, the track’s closing confession of ‘I love you’ is a move towards acceptance - a simplistic embrace of defeat.

Catch Don't Worry's London headline show at The New Cross Inn on Friday 5th November.

Tickets available here.


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