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London's heka offers up an alluring taste of haunting minimalism in (a) wall

That's The One: heka | London

heka’s new release (a) wall is a delicately crafted masterpiece of thought-provoking songwriting.

The solo-project of London-based artist Francesca Brierley, heka's new single marks her first release since signing to Balloon Machine Records and it’s a beautifully dazzling affair.

Slow-paced and alluring, there’s a softness well-suited to the early evening - dreamy and nostalgic like music drifting through the open window of a sleepy town hostel. Captivating in its simplicity, heka’s light vocals meld effortlessly with Jemima Coulter’s soothing trumpet which dances unassumingly in the background, yet lends its own flight of movement to the song.

Intricately layered, and shimmering with long-drawn-out anticipation, (a) wall is a call to feeling, a snippet of memory cut free from heka’s emotive storytelling. Hinting at something deeply personal just out of view, the immersive first single from her new EP (a) out 19th May is a beautiful taste of an artist gearing up for a very promising year.

(a) wall is out now via Balloon Machine Records. Listen on streaming platforms here.


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