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Lindsay Munroe Celebrates Independence On New Track Need A Ride

That's The One: Lindsay Munroe | Manchester

Lindsay Munroe knows exactly where she is going.

Following the untimely end of a relationship, Manchester-based singer-songwriter Lindsay Munroe’s new release Need A Ride is a refreshing celebration of singledom.

Often, dating someone successfully is seen as the pinnacle of womanhood, burdened with the goal to find your other half as if you are not already whole. Her new track, quite thankfully, bucks against these baseless social expectations in a haze of deliciously slow-paced indie-pop.

Heavily inspired by artists such as Marika Hackman, Munroe co-produced the track alongside Chris Hamilton (Torres, LUMP), cleverly crafting a stream-of-conciousness style delivery that is calm but captivating. There’s no traditionally defined verse and chorus, instead breaks in the vocals leave room for winding guitars to shine in response to Munroe’s vocals, acting as the perfect contrast to her voice’s low timbre.

While many artists in the indie-rock-vein find themselves harnessing a stereotypical image of appearing cool and confident - one that is usually loud and abrasive, filled with self-aggrandising lyrics waxing lyrical on the narrator’s boisterous self-confidence - they too often leave sincerity a miss. What’s striking about Need A Ride is Munroe’s own confidence is an effortless thing. Hers is poised and understated, something that only comes from truly knowing yourself when you are alone - and thriving in that isolation. The impression stemming from the track is not one of someone desperately trying to impose control in the wake of a breakup, but of a woman free and comfortable enough to walk her own path. She is completely at home alone between her sheets and doesn’t need another body to take her heat.

As she continues to thrive in her independence, and if Need A Ride is anything to go by, her future is looking very bright indeed.

Need A Ride is out now. Stream on Spotify here.

Photo Credit: Cinthia Baseler


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