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Jessica Luise Embraces Cathartic Storytelling In New Single Nice Try

That's The One: Jessica Luise - Nice Try | Warrington

Warrington-based Jessica Luise has mastered the art of succinctly capturing melancholy in the cadence of smooth pop.

Softly spoken, the singer-songwriter blends an honest, bittersweet nature with upbeat jangly hooks as she ushers new single Nice Try out into the world.

A relatable tale of falling in love with the wrong person, there’s a gentleness that clings to closure, her voice dipping into a whisper before ascending into a catchy, heartfelt chorus. “I think a lot of musicians write from experience,” she confesses, “love is the most human experience you can have and from love often, sadly, comes heartbreak”. It’s this sense of powerlessness, and “the overwhelming feeling of being in love or being heartbroken” that she feels pushes music to the forefront as a step towards healing.

“Love is the most human experience you can have"

While at times blissful in delivery, swirling on refrain ‘you make me weak at the knees’, her sound is reminiscent of the likes of Beabadoobee or Wolf Alice, the familiarity of her themes lending themselves to a gorgeously engaging songwriting style. “I think writing about [falling for inauthentic people] is a good way to release that heartache,” she continues, “and also offer a safe space for anyone in a similar position to listen and release their tension too.”

“It is an absolute dream of mine,” she admits, “to write music for film and television”. On placing the new single, she notes the emotion would sit well within a romantic drama. “I can see Nice Try being the soundtrack to a really passionate love story, similar to those seen in Bridgerton at the moment!”

With only a handful of songs released for far, Jessica’s penchant for the cathartic strained through a hopeful, pop sound, holds steadfast as something beautifully refreshing, and makes her an artist worth keeping an eye on.

Nice Try is out now. Listen on Spotify and Bandcamp.


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