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Francis of Delirium Faces Up To Social Isolation In Latest Single Let It All Go

That's The One: Francis of Delirium | Luxembourg

Jana Bahrich, the 19 year old at the helm of Luxembourg-based duo Francis of Delirium, is no fun at parties.

Well, that’s the sentiment underlying new single Let It All Go at least.

The second track taken from upcoming EP Wading harnesses a surge of visceral and emotive lyricism. Crafting an unfortunate tale of social isolation in a 90s grunge drenched indie-rock anthem, “it imagines me on a night out, drunk and babbling on about how sad I am,” she explains. “Nobody wants to be around that person”.

Alongside collaborator Chris Hewitt, Francis of Delirium have an enviable ability to traverse genres, with a three decade age gap that branches musical generations - all culminating in a startlingly unique sound. As the track opens with a demanding pulse that spirals sharply into an explosive frenzy, the duo crush hectic shouted vocals flush against stream-of-consciousness spoken word sections, all with an urgency that captivates.

Humming with an intoxicating delivery, it’s a gem of relatable Gen-Z storytelling that’s hard to place, coasting a line between the sharp emotional honesty of Soccer Mommy, and Hop Along’s fast-changing vocal intonations. With jarring guitar lines cutting through the single, there’s a sense of panic sitting uncomfortably just out of view. But yet, as Jana cries out ‘aren’t you tired of being alone’, there’s a downtrodden type of openness that's strangely reassuring.

"At its heart," she continues, "away from all the craziness, is a desire to accept change and find acceptance within myself, letting go of holding onto any pain or hurt”.

Let It All Go is out now.

Stream here, and watch the uncanny DIY claymation video below.


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