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Bukky Sky Blends Spoken Word With Honest Pop On New Single Amazing

That's The One: Bukky Sky | London

On the precipice of a cinematic affair, Bukky Sky teeters dangerously close to an emotional overflow as new track Amazing holds tight to a near-overwhelming saccharine nostalgia.

A minimalist build up paired with calm, collected vocals, the first track from the Bradford-born, London-based singer’s debut EP is powerful in sentiment, yet feels beautifully controlled in delivery. Harking back to glittering nights caught in vintage films, a confessional air hovers over every slick word he spills. With a slow-burning, romantic appeal reminiscent of Dan Bejar’s Destroyer, there’s a purposeful drive within his storytelling, both self-aware and remorseful, yet hopeful and considerate.

Steadily expanding over slow-paced, drawn out drum beats, the song slips into a minute-long spoken-word closure, confessional and heartfelt in gorgeous simplicity. As he waxes lyrical on the darker side of romance, acknowledging faults in hindsight, Amazing is a refreshing take on the self-assured nature of modern day pop.

"When I wrote Amazing I was reflecting on my half-hearted commitment in relationships. Being brutally honest with myself and saying ‘you use fool girls’ for your own ego-driven purpose. You are not in this for the pure intention of love. I wrote the spoken word verses whilst walking tearful along Brighton beach. It felt like I was repenting for my wrongs, clearing an emotional pathway for my future relationships. With Amazing I want to convey the harm you can do to others if you love selfishly - but that you can change, and change is beautiful."

Stream Amazing here, and watch the stunning new video below.


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