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Bad Sounds’ Glistening New Track 'Move Into Me' Sees Sibling Duos Unite

That's The One: Bad Sounds | Bath

Bad Sounds are back, and the new track is not what you were expecting.

It’s been a year since brothers Callum and Ewan Merrett followed up their infectiously riotous debut with EP Escaping from a Violent Time, Vol 1. Oft-praised for their effortless ability to blend genres seamlessly - flitting within the catchy, upbeat hooks of pop, glistening synths of electronica and sampled beat loops of hip-hop - Bad Sounds’ latest offering, Move into Me, sits within another realm entirely.

A far cry from their usual infectiously euphoric melodies and synth-pop-soaked energy, the collaboration with old tourmates and New Zealand-based siblings Broods is a startlingly pleasant surprise.

A softly hypnotic tune led by Broods’ vocalist Georgia Nott’s airy musings, the track glitters with twinkling chimes and asks, in inviting sincerity; “why don’t you move into me?” Dreamlike in composition, the Bath-based duo have taken a back seat, their keen ear for production letting Georgia’s tale of an honest, selfless love, take centre stage.

With an introspective sweetness at its core, the song’s mellow nature is another string in the bow of a band that have never felt limited by genre. As they offer up another a taste of their musical capabilities, Move into Me marks an intriguing glimpse into an upcoming EP that promises something special.

A band like Bad Sounds is a rare thing.

Stream Move into Me on Spotify.

Photo Credit: Jessica Greaves

Cover Art Illustration: @alexandraisart


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