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A Night Out With Sofar Sounds

With a community of artists, fans and hosts across 325 cities around the world, Sofar Sounds is on a mission to bring the magic back to live music events.

There’s an air of mystery surrounding tonight’s performance, tucked underneath a railway arch in East London. The doorway framed by glowing golden bulbs, Haggerston’s Signature Brew is warmed by fairy lights and rows of multicoloured metal chairs lining the space, where a small stage, supported by beer kegs, sits underneath an autumnal overcast.

With the location only revealed 24 hours before and performers still unknown, the crowd files in with an air of uncertainty and nervous anticipation. The purpose of tonight is to hear something new and unexpected, and an eclectic mix of music will be taking centre stage in the form of three vastly different performers.

First to step on to the stage is the breezy acoustics of Johnny Morgan, whose emotive and ambient sound is greeted with a warm welcome. Dressed in a Hawaiian shirt, he leads the crowd in a singalong, interspersed with a miniature stand-up routine, upbeat and grinning broadly throughout his set.

Haunting and fresh, London’s MYTBE is next to perform, offering slow-paced guitar plucks to accompany her rosy vocals. There’s a cosy air to her set, which feels operatic at points, and the quiet of the crowd lends a peculiar intimacy. It’s a stripped back performance for an artist normally surrounded by a full band, but in the unconventional setting, her talents have room to openly breathe.

To close the evening, Japan’s Paranoid Void take the stage for the final performance of their UK tour. Fresh from ArcTanGent festival the weekend before, the trio are unperturbed at swapping festival stages for a brewery, and their intricately-mastered instrumental math-rock has the crowd wide-eyed in awe. As their performance draws to a close, the group receive a standing ovation amidst chants of "ARI-GA-TO!".

For music lovers, Sofar Sounds is an ode to the joy of discovery, showcasing incredible talent amongst a crowd eager to enjoy.

Find tickets for your local Sofar Sounds show here.


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